Course Info: HACC-0235

CourseHACC-0235 5C Early Music Collegium
Long TitleFive College Early Music Collegium (half semester course)
Note(s) Co-Curricular Course
Textbook information
Meeting InfoMusic and Dance Building 110 on T from 4:30-6:30
FacultyAllison Monroe
Cumulative Skill(s)
Additional InfoStudents should expect to spend 2 hours weekly on work and preparation outside of class time

Game of Thrones, Renn fairs, bardcore, The Witcher, Outlander, and the list goes on and on: pop culture can't get enough of the past, or fantastical reimaginings of it. And a huge part of their evocative quality is the soundtrack. But have you ever wondered what music actually sounded like in 1300s England? Or in 1500s France? How about 1700s Americas? Join the Five Colleges Early Music Program's Collegium (large ensemble) and/or Early Music Ensembles(small chamber ensembles) to learn about, reconstruct, and re-sound musics of the past! This semester, the Collegium will be performing early 17th c. vocal and instrumental music by German composer Michael Praetorius which he dedicated to the muses, nine mythical females credited with inspiring artists since ancient Greece. In the fall semester, the Collegium will rehearse at Hampshire for the second half of the semester, 8 weeks starting on October 23 and ending with a concert in early December. This is a cocurricular course open to Five College students, faculty, and staff members. Hampshire students can use the hours devoted to the Collegium rehearsal and the concert performance (about 20 hours) toward their CEL requirement. There will be an informal audition/ interview at Hampshire, at the beginning of the semester. Contact Dr. Monroe to set up an audition/ interview and get more information, or attend the Music Program Open House on Thursday 9/7 2:30-4:30 at the MDB recital Hall. Keywords:Music, performance, ensemble, Renaissance, Medieval