Course Info: HACU-0265

CourseHACU-0265 Encapsulating Sounds
Long TitleEncapsulating Sounds: Introduction to Critical Organology
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Meeting InfoMusic and Dance Building RECITAL on M,W from 2:30-3:50
FacultyJunko Oba
Cumulative Skill(s)
Additional InfoThe content of this course deals with issues of Race and Power Students are expected to spend a minimum of 6-8 hours of work outside of class time per week

Every culture bears unique sensibilities to sounds. People cultivate distinctive ways of hearing, understanding, and relating to them. These sensibilities are reflected in the processes of sound- and music-making; different instruments are devised to encapsulate distinctive cultural values not only acoustically but also visually in their material forms. This course aims to explore diverse music cultures through the lens of critical organology (the study of musical instruments). We examine a wide range of sound-making devices in their current sociocultural and historical contexts. Our investigation encompasses subjects such as social functions and cultural significations of the instruments; myths folklores, and symbolism; technology and craftsmanship involved in the fabrication; and ecological and ethical concerns for the use of certain materials. This is not a sound design course. No previous music training is necessary, but students need to be prepared to do fairly heavy reading and critical unpacking of course materials. KEYWORDS:Musical instruments, material culture, ethnomusicology, sounds, music