Course Info: HACU-0210-2

CourseHACU-0210-2 Film I: Animation Workshop
Long TitleFilm I: Animation Workshop
Note(s) Prerequisites Required
Limited to Div II/III Students
Textbook information
Meeting InfoJerome Liebling CenterüJerome Liebling Center 120ü131 on THüTH from 9:00-11:50ü6:00-8:00
FacultyHope Tucker
Cumulative Skill(s)Independent Work
Additional InfoLab fee: $65. Prerequisites: FPV tutorial or Video I or Photo I or an equivalent introductory college level media art, media studies, art history, animation, or studio arts course. In this course students are expected to spend approximately 12 hours weekly on work and preparation outside of class time.

Film l: Animation Workshop is a hands-on introduction to the fundamentals of frame-by-frame filmmaking and handcrafted cinema. Camera-less techniques, stop motion, cut-out and alternative approaches to image design and acquisition were introduced as well as 16mm camera work, hand-processing, and non-linear editing. The development of personal vision was stressed. Meeting periods were used for discussion related to the production of animation; screenings to give students a sense of how other makers have approached the topic at hand; in-class demonstrations, exercises and workshops to familiarize students with concepts, processes and equipment; and critiques of student work. The first half of the semester was devoted to weekly collaborative and individual exercises for students to develop an understanding of the basic principles of animation as they experimented with various approaches to working with images in sequence. Students completed a number of exercises to practice skills and learn essential concepts. In the second half of the semester, all students completed a short project of their own design using one of the formal strategies and techniques that most interested them in the first half of the term. Students submitted written responses to weekly screenings of international films that represent a variety of aesthetic, historic, and political approaches to the moving image.