Course Info: HACU-0268

CourseHACU-0268 Interview Pract Video Prod
Long TitleInterview Practices, Dialogue and Conversation in Studio Video Production
Note(s) Prerequisites Required
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Meeting InfoJerome Liebling CenterüJerome Liebling Center 120ü120 on TüM from 1:00-3:50ü7:00-9:00
FacultyPatricia Montoya
Cumulative Skill(s)Independent Work
Multiple Cultural Perspectives
Writing and Research
Additional InfoLab fee: $65. Prerequisites: Introductory courses in Media Studies, Ethnic Studies, Queer Studies, HACU-165 Intro to Media Production or other video production courses. It would be helpful to have taken courses such as HACU-0195 Documentary From Idea to Finish Film and HACU-0288 Writing for Film. Students can expect to spend approximately 20 hours weekly on work and preparation outside of class time.

This intermediate-level production course places the interview as the locus of inquiry in order to explore, respond to, and express the ways in which social issues such as racism, economic inequality, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, bullying, hate speech and hate crimes, disability, incarceration, to name a few, affect us. In Interview Practices, Dialogue and Conversation in Studio Video Production, students create, research and analyze the process of producing scripted, story-based, socially engaged, short non-fiction and experimental videos. The course examines elements of performance for the camera, studio and in the field shooting, various interview and editing techniques, as well as the form, history, and function of the non-fiction genre in the U.S. The course is ideal for students who have completed other production courses and wish to further expand their skills and create a production portfolio. The first part of the course will be studying components of studio-based production with hands-on in-class short production exercises including the use of the green screen and three camera setups. In the process, students will understand the various production roles of a studio shoot. In the remaining weeks, students will produce a short interview-based documentary, a conversation or a dialogue scene. This will be a demanding production course that will require intense work outside class as well as pre-production and organizational skills.