Course Info: HACU-0230

CourseHACU-0230 Alternative Narrative Forms
Long TitleAlternative Narrative Forms
Note(s) Prerequisites Required
Textbook information
Meeting InfoJerome Liebling CenterüJerome Liebling Center 120ü120 on FüTH from 9:00-11:50ü7:00-9:00
FacultyCynthia Madansky
Cumulative Skill(s)Independent Work
Multiple Cultural Perspectives
Additional InfoLab fee: $65. Prerequisites: student must have taken video 1, film 1 or another video production course. Students are expected to spend an additional 12 hours weekly on work and preparation outside of class time.

This advanced production course looks at cross cultural and interdisciplinary experimental and hybrid approaches to narrative filmmaking, including single channel film/videos, multi-channel installations, expanded cinema and interactive storytelling. Alternative Narrative Forms will emphasize tenets of experimental scriptwriting and writing forms and its relation to scenography, performance, visual language, and sound design. Each week there will be film screenings that present unique examples of narrative structures, directing methodologies, performative articulations, and aural and visual languages. Drawing on the fields of film studies, art history, and media theory, the course will examine through texts and cinematic representations concepts such as representation and realism, memory and projection, montage and abstraction. Students will write, direct and edit three short pieces.