Course Info: NS-0265

CourseNS-0265 Statistics
Long TitleIntroduction to Statistics and Experimental Design
Note(s) Textbook information
Meeting InfoCole Science Center 3-OPEN on M,W from 1:00-2:20
FacultyBrian Schultz
Cumulative Skill(s)Independent Work
Quantitative Skills
Writing and Research
Additional InfoIn this course students are generally expected to spend at least 6 to 8 hours a week of preparation and work outside of class time.

This course developed skills for designing experiments and analyzing data using standard statistical methods. Work included the use of some common computer packages, mainly Excel or Open Office, Minitab and R. We used a standard textbook and also designed and carried out data collection in class, with some data collected and analyzed by students on their own. We also discussed examples of published research and relevant aspects of the philosophy of science. The emphasis in this course was on problem solving and interpretation and being able to choose and use common statistical methods and tests for data analysis -- actually using statistics.