Course Info: NS-0248

CourseNS-0248 Epidemiology
Long TitleEpidemiology
Note(s) Textbook information
Meeting InfoCole Science Center 316 on T,TH from 10:30-11:50
FacultyElizabeth Conlisk
Cumulative Skill(s)Independent Work
Quantitative Skills
Writing and Research
Additional InfoIn this course students are generally expected to spend at least 6 to 8 hours a week of preparation and work outside of class time.

NS 248 was an introduction to the principals and practice of epidemiology and the use of data in program planning and policy development. The course covered the major concepts usually found in a graduate-level, introductory course in epidemiology: outbreak investigations, study design, measures of effect, internal and external validity, reliability, and causal inference. Assigned readings were taken from the primary literature and the text Epidemiology by Leon Gordis. In addition, students read four case studies and worked step-by-step through epidemiologic investigations. Students also worked in small groups to design and conduct a small epidemiologic study on campus and to report their findings on a poster. The major assignments were the four case studies, numerous response papers/worksheets on the readings, a summary of a primary paper and a proposal for an epidemiologic study on a topic of personal interest.