Course Info: NS-0329

CourseNS-0329 Immunology
Long TitleImmunology
Note(s) Textbook information
Meeting InfoCole Science Center 2-OPEN on M,W,F from 9:00-10:20
FacultyChristopher Jarvis
Cumulative Skill(s)Independent Work
Quantitative Skills
Writing and Research
Additional InfoIn this course students are generally expected to spend at least 6 to 8 hours a week of preparation and work outside of class time.

This course was designed as an introduction to the immune system. Our goal was to understand the basic elements of the immune system and the mechanisms by which these elements protect us from infectious agents, growth of tumors and other pathologic conditions. The overview design of the course did not preclude exploring a few areas in depth and students had an opportunity to dig deeply into an area of their choosing when writing papers and doing group presentations. We stressed the experimental basis of each concept we discussed, which enabled us to see how scientists analyze questions, design experiments and draw conclusions. This process demonstrated how fluid "facts" are and how they are continuously modified. Primarily for this reason we stressed understanding the process rather than memorizing the "fact." The rapid pace of discovery makes the study of the immune system exciting and challenging. This course provided sufficient background for students to pursue further study in this area. Prerequisites: physiology, cell biology or molecular biology.