Five College Course Information

This form is displaying subjects and courses being taught for the semester 2023S.

During the first week of course preregistration for spring and fall terms, you may register for a total of four academic courses, including a maximum of two Five College courses. This limit does not apply during the add/drop periods. However, According to Amherst College policy, students may register for a maximum of two Amherst College courses per semester.

Note: Co-curricular courses are not included in course limits.

CourseTitle (click to view description)CreditsMeeting Info
AFCNA-141-01Intro Modern African History4.00MW 10:00AM-11:15AM Reese 324
AFCNA-200-01Foundations/Africana Studies4.00MW 11:30AM-12:45PM Reese 324
AFCNA-241BA-01Black Atlantic Diasporas1VariableTTH 03:15PM-04:30PM Skinner Hall 210
1This course is variable credit: Taught in English. Students interested in developing their German language speaking skills in conjunction with this course are encouraged to enroll in the GRMST-231BA-01 section of the course and in the 2-credit discussion section GRMST-295-01.
AFCNA-241EN-01Early African American Novel4.00TTH 03:15PM-04:30PM Shattuck Hall 217
AFCNA-241TR-01Tragicomedy in Black4.00TH 01:30PM-04:20PM Shattuck Hall 318
AFCNA-241WM-01African/American Woman in Lit4.00MW 03:15PM-04:30PM Shattuck Hall 319
AFCNA-341DC-01Decolonization & Civil Rights4.00W 01:30PM-04:20PM Clapp Laboratory 422
AFCNA-341MT-01Bodies of Thought4.00TTH 09:00AM-10:15AM Shattuck Hall 318
AFCNA-341SE-01Black Sexual Economies4.00T 01:30PM-04:20PM Shattuck Hall 319
AFCNA-395-01Independent Study2Variable
2This course is variable credit: 1.00-8.00 credits.
2This course requires instructor permission